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  • Friday 03 November 2017 - Sunday 05 November 2017

    End of Season Rally 2017

    This year we are having an end of season rally at Titford Pumphouse, rather than a bonfire rally with fireworks.  There will (of course) be a real ale bar.

    We will again offer a Fish and Chip Supper before the AGM on the Friday evening.

    Live music on Saturday is from the Foregate Street Blues Band — the theme for the evening will be “The Blues” (with apologies to Villa and Baggies fans!!)

    There will be a DIY Barbecue on the Saturday.

    The entry form is on this link

    If you need more information, contact Dave Dent by email from this link or by phoning him on 07774 605336.

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    Last Updated: 08 Aug 17

  • Saturday 07 April 2018

    BCN Spring Cruise 2018

    Probably Hawne Basin to Parkhead and return - more details to follow.

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    Last Updated: 29 Jun 17

  • Sunday 27 May 2018 - Monday 28 May 2018

    BCNS 24 hour Marathon Challenge 2018

    This year's challenge will celebrate 50 years since the start of the BCN Society

    Start planning your routes now - start anywhere on the BCN that you wish, and finish at Titford Pump House.

    The event is open to everyone with a boat licensed for use on British Waterways canals.  Historic working boats and pairs are welcome.

    A friendly competition, starting at 08:00 on 27 May, wherever on the BCNS you want to start, and finishing at 14:00 on 28 May at Titford Pumphouse with a compulsory 6 hours rest.

    The winner is determined by a point system, with extra points for full length boats, butties, small crews, cruising the lesser travelled parts of the BCN.  

    Links to the information, rules and the entry form will be added later.

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    Last Updated: 29 Jun 17

  • Saturday 28 July 2018

    Fifty years since the BCN Society was formed

    It is fifty years to the day since the BCN Society was formed, at a meeting in a pub in Walsall.

    We will be celebrating this anniversary - more details to follow.

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    • Venue:Walsall

    Last Updated: 24 Sep 16